Subsistence/Provisions/Food Products

DLB Enterprises, Inc. is offering a new service to ship owners and operators. This service is offered as an innovative, multiport service, providing provisions during port calls in U.S. ports. The historic method in suppling provisions required that the vessel orders supplies from different suppliers, depending upon the ports of call. Also, most orders were settled with cash payment at the time of purchase.

We are offering a better provision supplies method to vessels. This service will offer the following:

  1. A single supplier at all U.S. ports of call.
  2. Consistency of pricing.
  3. Various methods of payment for supplies received.

If you are interested in this idea and would wish to investigate this new service, we ask that you contact us. If after initial discussions, you wish to move forward, we would ask that you send to us a copy of a provision order that HAS BEEN FILLED, but NOT INCLUDING THE COSTS, and indicating the port of call. We will take the list provided, and price it as if we were to fill the order and return it to you. You can then perform a cost analysis to see if our service is competitive.

For your further information, please see our list of available items which can be provided in the Sales and Procurement section of our website. Items not specifically noted, such as less used condiments may also be ordered by listing them on the attached order guide. We fully understand that each order is required to be filled on a 100% basis without exception. Upon receipt of an order – including the intended port of call and the identity of the vessel agent, we shall coordinate delivery to the vessel as requested.